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Kansas City

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Created 24-Mar-15
Modified 24-Mar-15
Kansas City


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25 photos
Created 29-Sep-16
Modified 29-Sep-16

Southeast Alaska

Visitors 44
24 photos
Created 1-Oct-13
Modified 1-Oct-13
Southeast Alaska

Colorado & Wyoming

Visitors 137
25 photos
Created 22-Aug-17
Modified 22-Aug-17
Colorado & Wyoming


Visitors 19
11 photos
Created 3-Mar-14
Modified 3-Mar-14


Visitors 66
32 photos
Created 13-Jul-12
Modified 13-Jul-12


Visitors 80
24 photos
Created 26-May-17
Modified 26-May-17

Time Lapse Videos

Visitors 83
2 videos
Created 18-Jul-12
Modified 18-Jul-12

Night Sky

Visitors 6
8 photos
Created 24-Nov-17
Modified 24-Nov-17
Night Sky

Guestbook for Wesley J Richardson
Jennifer Sanderson(non-registered)
I love your work, you have such an eye for a shot. Keep shooting. I love the photos of Kansas City.
Betsy K.(non-registered)
Great pictures! I love the Southwest and Colorado shots.
Gayle Richardson(non-registered)
Great gallery of outstanding shots. I love that the pictures self-advance. You have an artist's eye, combining traditional KC scenes with edgy shots.
Awesome Wes!